GTA V player reaches the middle of the ocean, discovers terrifying secret

Although Grand Theft Auto V released way back in 2013, players are still finding new secrets to date and things have really picked up of late.

Only a few days ago, we reported that a player has found a haunted house in the game where he heard a baby crying but couldn’t find anyone inside.

And now it seems, the same Youtuber has discovered a scary secret in the depths of the game’s oceans.

gta online5

This guy has not only come across this rather disturbing secret hidden deep within the oceans of the game, but has marked it down on the map so the brave hearts could reach it themselves.


After swimming for a long time, he reached a location underwater where he could clearly see the dead body of a woman tied to a massive boulder.

Quite a creepy sigh to behold. He’s still trying to find more clues as to what led to her death or why the developers decided to put her within the ocean, but hasn’t made any breakthroughs yet.

Check out the video below –

YouTube video

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