GTA Online Features Over 500 Missions

The multiplayer component to Grand Theft Auto V, Grand Theft Auto Online will include over 500 missions. Rockstar confirmed this to Game Informer. The Online part of the game will take place after the single-player campaign of the game and includes nearly all activates from the main game.

Players can expect heists, hijackings, robberies, racing and everything else one expects to find in a Grand Theft Auto title. I’m sure there you can also play golf in multiplayer as well.

There are various factions in the game and being on good terms with them will have benefits in the Online section of the game. For instance, if you befriend a technical wizard, he’ll ensure that you don’t turn up on enemy radar throughout the objective. Or a gang of bikers will lend support fighter in a mission. You can also turn on passive mode, which means you can avoid attacks from other players. Firing a weapon will automatically turn that off though.

GTA Online will go live October 1st. GTA V will launch on the PS3 on September 17th.

(via PSU)