Analysts Predict PlayStation 4 to Dominate Console Market by 2018

During a Fox Business interview with Jack Tretton that pie chart appeared. Analysts at the global cooperation DFC predict that by 2018 the PlayStaion 4 will hold 55% of the market with the Xbox One holding 30% and the Nintendo Wii (one assumes the WiiU) trailing with 15%.

These are very broad estimates. The numbers are too rounded off and the year 2018 is a far way off for anything else. These numbers are also very U.S. focused given Fox Business’ central market and that in other markets like Japan, Europe and all those countries Microsoft isn’t bothering with, the percentages are going to be even higher in Sony’s favor.

Now analysts aren’t always right. In fact, some studies have shown so-called “experts” to be wrong more often than random guessing would afford. But, this is a strong graph with prominent placing in an interview. It’s going to mean something to someone.