GTA 5 iFruit Application Now Available For PS Vita

What was only available for iOS and Android, the companion application for Rockstars Grand Theft Auto 5 is now available for the PS Vita. That’s right you can now take all the joy from iFruit and access it right on your PlayStation Vita. The application itself, can be downloaded from the Sony Entertainment Network Store.

If you’re unfamiliar with iFruit, the application plays nicely with the latest Rockstar title, Grand Theft Auto 5. Though, the app does offer the ability to get the latest news from Rockstar. Essentially, iFruit is a way to access your GTA 5 account and customize different features and accessories wherever you may be.

For example, on the iFruit application you can customize a vehicle just as you would in-game. Upon starting up the game either on singleplayer mode or online, the vehicle will be readily available within your garage. Other features includes training Franklin’s dog, Chop. If you’re looking to have the most experience possible out of GTA 5 then iFruit is a must.