Grand Theft Auto 5 Sold an Estimated 15 Million Units

GTA 5 by all account broke all video game sales records last week. In three days it made a billion dollars. That’s the fastest any game, of the few that have, has made that amount of money. Doug Creutz, an analyst from Cowen & company estimates that the current sales figures put GTA 5 at around 15 million units.

“For a game to sell 60 percent of its first year units in just three days would be abnormally high; we estimate that Call of Duty sells about 45-50 percent of its first year units in its first week at retail. However, for now we are assuming that GTA 5 sales will be extremely front-loaded due to high gamer anticipation, and will also have a shorter sales tail given the launch of next-gen consoles in November.”

Creutz expects the game will be at around 25 million copies sold within its first year on store shelves.