Gold Playstation 4 Has Been Made Official With This Listing

Fresh on the heels of the discontinuation of the PS3, Sony is making up for it with a golden PS4.

The gold rush is starting with a gold-colored Dual Shock 4, spotted at Bestbuy for $65, and followed up with strong rumors of an entirely gold console to match, which is said to be available on June 9th.

Here’s a screenshot of the product listing from Bestbuy, you can also see it for yourself here:

Along with the actual product listing at BestBuy, an employee at Target has leaked that the golden PS4 will be a slim model, no word on whether PS4 Pro will also be golden. Here’s the image, via reddit, of the box for the golden PS4 slim from the Target employee:


Here’s one guy who will definitely be picking up a golden PS4, how about you?