GOG on Xbox One’s policy reversal – “The damage is done, and they will have to work hard to regain consumer trust and support”

If you’ve played games on the PC in the past few years, it’s highly likely that you’ve heard about GOG.com – a one of its kind PC Digital distribution service which has tasted success by offering a complete DRM-free experience to gamers.

PlayStation Gang recently had the opportunity to sit down with them and ask them questions that people might want to know the answers to. We’ve a big interview coming up where as the company discusses everything from DRM, piracy, its competition including Valve’s Steam and so much more.

However, we’ve a sneak peak of our interview before the entire thing goes live where as the company answers a question about the Xbox One’s initial DRM policies and how it overturned them considering the gamers’ negative reactions.

When PSG asked GOG about how they felt about this, they had this to say.

People reacted pretty strongly to Microsoft’s Always-online and DRM policies. So much so that it actually forced the company to turn back on most of its previously announced DRM and used-game policies. What does GOG make of it? Was it right on its part of do away with all the features they ‘promised’ would make the experience better in order to recover from the consumer’s initial ire, PSG asked.

[quote style=”1″ author=”GOG”]The DRM that Microsoft had proposed was ridiculous, and the community reaction wasn’t surprising to us. Microsoft’s initial response to the reaction was also ridiculous, so they didn’t do any damage control once things started to look bad, either. The damage is done, and they will have to work hard to regain consumer trust and support. I also don’t see how these features are so tightly linked to the revolutionary improvements they were so eager to introduce. I guess, if they really wanted to, they could do away with the “always on” DRM and still provide the infrastructure for voluntary connection.[/quote]

We personally feel the same way that GOG does and I had even written a quick feature article discussing what Microsoft’s U-turn really implied. But, we would also like to know your opinion. Do let us know below.