God of War: Ascension single-player details

Todd Papy has been tweeting  The God of War: Ascension director dished out a few single-player details concerning the upcoming project.

Check the single player details below

-The game is GOW1 length
-Revamped combat and weapon system
-Promptless mini-games
-New puzzles
-The new composer is Tyler Bates
-New gameplay feature or features
-3D support
-The game will be more like GOW1 and GOW2
-It will have more color than GOW3.
-Bigger creatures than Polyphemus in SP.
-Variable framerate like past GOW titles
-Kratos model and clothes will be redone to reflect a younger version.
-You no longer struggle to open a chest, you just smash it now
-No story mode co-op
-More destruction than GOW3
-They are working on making all the features of the characters better than GOW3
-The game will have a variety of locations like past GOW games
-No big open environments
-Improved animation and a new collision system
-New cloth tech, new hair and skin shaders and revamped lighting
-New climbing system for point-to-point movement
-Nudge ability added to the camera. It isn’t complete control but allows you to see more of the environment.