God Of War: Ascension Prequel take Place 6 Months After Kratos’ Tragedy

God of War: Ascension the newest installment in God of War franchise, exclusively only for the PlayStation 3.

God of War: Ascension goes way  back to the beginning before Kratos Tragedy . Six months after Ares tricks Kratos into murdered is  family where he sentenced to torment living with the Furies. Throughout Kratos  journey, you will see him fight for his sanity with his deadly double chained blades.

Sony’s Santa Monica Studio implanted a new element, God of War: Ascension – Multiplayer. God of War: Ascension  will feature: 4vs 4 online play with 4 different online modes

You can read more about the multiplayer here GOD OF WAR: ASCENSION – SINGLE AND MULTIPLAYER INFO


You can view the God Of War Ascension Debut trailer  and Online multiplayer  gameplay down below

YouTube video

Check out God of War: Ascension Multiplayer gameplay

YouTube video