Gaming industry comes together to defend developers from toxic “fans”

The gaming industry has come together to show support for developers after supposed fans abused them online.

A recent rumour suggested that God of War news was coming out soon. However, no news ended up happening, and some gamers took it upon themselves to harass the game’s developers at Sony Santa Monica.

Cory Barlog had to ask everyone to remain patient, confirming that the game was still on the way this year. Despite that, he still received abuse from fans who were desperate for info on the game. And another member of the team was sent dick pics from someone asking about the game’s release date.

Furthermore, Return to Monkey Island developer Ron Gilbert stated he was no longer going to post about the game online due to receiving abuse. He said the “joy of sharing has been driven from me”.

Response from the Industry

This toxicity prompted industry figures to call out the fans’ behaviour. Neil Druckmann said “Even wholesome adventure games aren’t safe from toxic “fans” who know better than the original creators?!” He also defended Sony Santa Monica, expressing his excitement for the upcoming God of War: Ragnarok.

In addition, Xbox head Phil Spencer replied to Barlog, saying “Can’t wait to enjoy GoW when it comes out. And thanks to you and the team for the amazing work that goes into creating things we love.

Alex Mann, a development director at EA, said “When folks continue to wonder or ask why some game studios don’t communicate or speak about games ahead of release anymore? Or why they don’t engage with communities? This is 100% why; it’s not worth the personal toll & cost to mental health to continue to try.

Sadly, it seems toxic fans will always be a problem in the gaming industry. But hopefully it won’t dissuade any developers from creating the things they love to create.

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