Gamer Uncovers Secret Division Files That Will Change The Way Players Farm Loot

Mining information through files is nothing new in the world of gaming. Players will search and search to find out how things work and to get a better understanding of the game itself, which can dramatically help them and the community be more efficient or improve certain things.

For instance, learning how loot spawns actually work in a game like The Division could help immensely in being able to effectively score certain weapons you’re hoping for, even though the developers claim it’s “random.” While it is sort of random, it’s not as unplanned as they lead you to believe.

via Ubisoft

It would be impossible for me to get into all of the details, since I honestly don’t understand most of it myself. Check out this link if you want to learn more about it. For those searching for specific things in The Division and are willing to do a bit of reading, it could very well help you dramatically increase your chances of getting it.

Here is a little insight into how it works: basically, certain loot spawns are bound to specific bosses and areas. There are also percentages for the quality of loot drops. It’s a pretty complicated system that relies more on who your fighting, or where you are, more than just RNG.

via Ubisoft

For example, if you scavenge, it’ll only add a 10 percent chance for a third item to be dropped from a chest. It also doesn’t seem to affect material chests or loot crates at all. However, unnamed mobs are more likely to drop higher items as loot if you scavenge.

Another interesting data to emerge is that Nomad set can’t be procured through drops. It can only be bought through the Dark Zone church vendor. However, if you’re playing Falcon Lost incursion, it has been revealed that the APC pretty much can drop anything ranging from holsters, backpacks to chest pieces for all armor sets except the Nomad one.

Image: The Division
Image: The Division

Another interesting piece of information regarding how bosses drop items has also emerged –

Every boss, regardless of which mission, has an equal chance to drop any item, all 6 weapons and all six armour pieces.

There is currently no specific loot tables for these bosses other than those gear items. If you want to grind a boss for X weapon, pick whatever boss is fastest.

Whether you’re looking for a specific piece of loot, or you’re trying to amass a collection of the best items in the game, this information is very, very good to know. Happy hunting!