This Game Allows You To Play As A Evil Monster And Hunt Down Innocent Victims

A new game which allows you to play as a monster is currently under development. The game called Project Wigth is being developed by The Outsiders, an independent studio from Stockholm which comprises of 12 people. The studio is founded by David Goldfarb and Ben Cousins, who have previously worked on various titles including Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Payday 2.

Kotaku reported that, in Project Wight, the players will need to take control of an intelligent monster, whose race is one the verge of extinction. Interestingly, the cause behind the extinction of the monster race are none other than human beings.


The players will need to start off as a baby monster who is in search of its parents. However, the beginning of the video shows, the father of the monster being slayed by the humans. You’ll be able able to climb, jump and kill humans in the game.

“I always side with the monster and the underdog,” Goldfarb told Kotaku. “This is a way to invert the traditional idea of being a hero.” The playable monster will evolve and shift in power throughout its different phases of life, providing gameplay variety in the process.

Although the game is in its nascent stages of development, a trailer has been released which gives you a glimpse of how you take control of the beast and hunt down innocent victims. It’s really impressive.

Project Wight is just the code named for the project and they haven’t decided on the release date yet. The game is being developed on Unity and the team wants to prove that the engine is capable of making AAA-scaled productions.


Here’s the video which will give you a sneek peek to the game: