Gabe Newell has slammed Donald Trump’s muslim travel ban due to this reason

Ever since Donald Trump took over the role of being the president of the United States of America, controversy has followed him.

He’s been in the news for more wrong reasons than right ones and the most controversial of those topics is undoubtedly the blanket travel ban he issued for seven muslim dominated countries.

The decision has been temporarily put on hold by a court’s decision and as the controversy gets worse, people from all walks of life has come out either in support or against the decision.


Valve’s founder Gabe Newell, the man behind Steam, has commented on the ban during a recent roundtable press conference. The Valve founder and his colleague Eric Johnson responded sharply against the ban.

He said that it would severely affect both their esports ventures and Dota 2’s International tournament. It will also affect their overall operations as it would impact their hiring process and also current employees in their company belonging to those countries.


Newell added that it’s already difficult to get U.S visas for people coming in to compete in e-sports tournaments and this ban would make things even more complicated:


If you’re an opera singer, it’s pretty easy to get a visa. Like the State Department kind of understands who these people are. If you’re a Nobel Prize winner, they kind of know who you are

Newell also confirmed that the ban has adversely affected some of the employees of the company:

We have people who work at Valve who can’t go home,” he said. “They’ve been here for years. They pay taxes. They cheer for New England in the Super Bowl and we try to not hold that against them…

“But you know, they can’t leave the country,” he continued. “So, like, there’s some event outside the country, and for the first time we say ‘Wait, they can’t go because they can’t get back.’ So that’s a problem, not just these hypothetical future employees but actual Valve employees. So yeah, that’s a concern for us.

Trump’s been facing a lot heat regarding this travel ban and Gabe Newell joins a long list of tech entrepreneurs who have publicly spoken up against it.