Fuel Overdose Top 5 Tips For Pros US Trailer Revealed

Fuel Overdose brings the action racing experience to a new level.

Customizable weapons and vehicles, grappling hooks, climatic catastrophes and a whole fighting system are at your disposal to finish first.

You’ll have to play hard, but also to play smart as every decision made before or during the race has an impact on your chances of success.


What To Expect From Fuel Overdose 
• Action: From the large array of upgradable weapons one can expect for such a game, Fuel Overdose also features innovative and fun weapons and game mechanics such as grappling hooks that can be in different ways, bomb detonators, and a fighting system that offers unique skills moves and attacks to each character of the game.

• Tactical: Whether you play offense or defense, Fuel Overdose leaves no room for luck and features a resource management system for the vehicles and weaponry, a super/ultra attack gauge inherited from the fighting genre and auction events than can bring a decisive edge to win races.

• Racing: Fuel Overdose is a racing game that requires driving skills and that allows and values different racing styles and a diverse garage of vehicles, themselves all customizable to improve their driving and performance.


• Game modes: Free race, Championship, Story, Challenge, and Multiplayer.

Watch the new trailer here:

YouTube video

Fuel Overdose is now available on the PlayStation Store for $9.99.