Formula 1 and NASCAR Drivers Face Off In Rocket League

Rocket League is about to get speedy as Formula 1 and NASCAR drivers face off in a limited time Twitch stream showdown.

Any motorheads looking for some high-octane action will be able to tune in to a Twitch livestream this week. In it, Aric Almirola of NASCAR and Sergio “Checo” Pérez of Formula 1 will take on the Rocket League arenas in the Speed Demon Showdown.

Almirola races for Stewart-Haas Racing and recently qualified for NASCAR playoffs. Pérez, on the otherhand drives for the Red Bull Racing team in Formula 1 and is currently positioned in the top five standings. Pérez also features heavily in the hit Formula 1 show, Drive To Survive.


The livestream will kick off today (August 19th) at 10AM PT meaning, 6PM for us here over in the UK, over on the Rocket League Twitch channel. It’ll be quite nice not having to stay up till horrific hours of the morning for once.

Credit: Twitter

A Speed Showdown in Rocket League

The Speed Demon Showdown will have a little something for players as well. The NASCAR 2021 Fan Pack and Formula 1 Fan Pack will be returning to the Rocket League store, between August 19th and 25th. The fan pack was available for players back in May of this year but was clearly well-received.

YouTube video
Credit: Psyonix

This event arrives not long after the launch of Season 4, which came with a new Rocket Pass filled with over 60+ hours worth of cosmetics to unlock. And on top of that, a next-gen patch has just arrived for PlayStation 5 players, bringing 4K visuals and 60FPS. So all and all, it’s a good time to get into Rocket League.


This isn’t the first time the likes of Formula 1 have shown interest in video games. Formula 1 actually run their own Esports series, in collaboration with the official Formula 1 video game. And F1 stars such as Landa Norris and Max Verstappen often stream games like Warzone.

The Speed Demon Showdown will no doubt be an interested watch, as these highly skilled drivers have to deal with Rocket cars, giants balls and jumping mechanics. The showdown will stream on Twitch today (August 19th) from 6PM BST.

Will you be checking out this racing face-off? Let us know over on our social channels!


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Feature Image Credit: Psyonix