We finally know why Ellie got a tattoo in The Last of Us 2

Naughty Dog pleasantly surprised the gaming community by announcing The Last of Us 2 during Sony’s PlayStation Experience event earlier this month.

Sequel to one of the most critically acclaimed videgames ever made, Naughty Dog has a gigantic task at hand to live upto fan expectations.

last of us 2

The reveal trailer delivered and how, with people showering it with praises, from the feel, to the direction, the trailer seemed to nail down everything. Fans also couldn’t help but notice one major addition to the game: Ellie’s new tattoo.


The trailer heavily focused on Ellie’s hand which now had an elaborate tattoo. Even though the game’s set in a post-apocalyptic world, the tattoo’s quite decent.

However, it’s not just a fancy body art for Ellie. The tattoo actually serves a greater purpose.

As you know, Ellie was beaten by the infected as a teenager along with her best friend. Although her best friend turned into a monster but Ellie wasn’t affected. She was immune to the virus, or atleast it didn’t affect her in the same way it did to others.



However, the bite left a mark on her and in a world where the infected are dreaded mutants, it’s not good to carry such a mark. Almost everyone who notices it and isn’t infected, would shoot you instantly, without even asking any questions.

Therefore, the tattoo made for a great cover up. The tattoo is actually hiding her bite mark if you pay close attention, and therefore Ellie actually has a reason for getting a tattoo done other than it being just a piece of art.