Father Replaces Son’s Cardboard Game Console With Real One As A Surprise

You’re about to witness pure joy.

This little dude has made himself a bunch of different gaming systems out of cardboard, blocks, and more. He’s got a great imagination, and has been doing what he can to make due since he doesn’t have any real gaming consoles. He’s super into gaming and electronics, but the cardboard homemade versions can only cut it for so long…

image: @mohikan1974/twitter

He’s only six, not old enough to hold down a job yet, so he’s still at the mercy of his parents when it comes to getting new toys.

image: @mohikan1974/twitter

Finally, his dad said he’s seen enough, and decided to hook him up with a new Nintendo Switch. Whether this was his plan all along and he was just guilting his dad into getting him a real system (Unlikely, but that’s something I probabally would have done back in the day…), or he genuinely liked playing with the homemade stuff, it doesn’t matter now because he’s got the ultimate – and he’s SO happy about it…

Here’s his reaction to getting the real deal, that facial expression says it all: 

Just wait a couple more years and this kid will be owning you on Battlegrounds. Probably with a gaming PC he built himself.