Fallout 4 – Far Harbor DLC File Size Leaked And It’s Huge

Fallout 4’s most highly anticipated DLC so far announced is Far Harbor by a long shot. It’s going to be the first DLC to actually take you away from the main area of the game and into a new part of the map, like all of Fallout 3’s and New Vegas’ DLC’s did. Bethesda also dropped the bomb (pun intended) by claiming it’ll be the biggest piece of post launch content they’ve ever created.

Of course, since it’s Fallout, and the Fallout community is notoriously impatient and very nosy, they’ve been hard at work picking through files, just trying to find the slightest bit of information. Check out our last article on the topic, where they discover a potential Sea Monster fight is waiting for us. Incidentally, this piece of information regarding the file size comes from a SteamDB listing.

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Now, I’m not well versed in exactly what a Steam DB listing is, but I’m sure lots of you are. According to it however, it appears that Fallout 4’s Far Harbor DLC comes in at about 3GB. That’s almost as large as Skyrim was on last generation, and is indeed bigger than both the Automatron and Wasteland Workshop DLC’s put together. Seems pretty meaty.

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Possibly the most exciting speculation we have so far is the potential of a Ghoul Whale waiting for us in the DLC. The Ghoul Whale is a short story told by NPC’s to one another in Fallout 4’s base game, and is believed to be making an appearance in the upcoming expansion.


Fallout 4’s Far Harbor will be released some time in May, and man, we can’t wait for it.

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