Fans Are Just Realising That Harry Potter’s Scar Isn’t A Lightning Bolt

Someone must’ve cast a spell over us all because Harry Potter’s signature scar apparently isn’t a lightning bolt at all. J.K. Rowling is known for retroactively altering the canon of her best-selling book series, but changing the very thing that makes Harry the Boy Who Lived could be a step too far.

Harry is basically a magical Where’s Wally, and alongside his signature specs, that lighting-shaped scar defines the nerdy wizard who he is. We’re willing to accept a lot of changes to the wizarding world of Harry Potter, but don’t you dare tell us that isn’t a lighting bolt on his forehead.

According to Twitter page Today Years Old, Harry’s scar is actually the shape you’d make when crafting the Killing Curse. The post comes alongside a screengrab from the Killing Curse’s page on the Harry Potter Wiki to prove it’s legit.

Everyone know that Wiki pages can be edited by anyone, meaning you can change it to say whatever you want (within reason). Still, the evidence is there and it’s definitely enough to get you thinking.

Some were impressed by the ‘new’ finding, while another questioned “why’s it so small then?”. We’ve seen those over-exaggerated movements in wizard duels, so why would Harry have such a small mark on his forehead? Rowling likes to delve into even the smallest details of her saga, but the idea of the lightning scar was a permanent reminder that he survived Voldemort’s assault.

Voldemort Harry Potter
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Remembering back to that fateful night where Lily and James Potter lost their lives. He Who Must Not Be Named burst into the Potter homestead and butchered Harry’s parents before turning his attention to the bouncing baby boy. Lily’s sacrifice protected Harry and rebounded Voldemort’s curse, leaving Harry with the neat scar and Voldemort without a body — who came of worse with that one?

Rowling hasn’t commented yet, but considering she’s so invested in the world she created, we’re expecting a response via owl pretty soon. Both the books and movies repeatedly refer to a lighting-shaped scar on Harry’s fod, so we’re assuming Avada Kedavra-shaped scar doesn’t have the same ring to it. What’s next, Hagrid is actually a woman wearing a beard?

[Featured Image: Warner Bros.]