Fallout 4: Far Harbor’s Frame Rate Is Unacceptable On The PS4

Bethesda’s recent Fallout 4¬†DLC, Far Harbor, is fantastic in the eyes of most gamers. The highly anticipated expansion has delivered on pretty much every checklist. Excluding a rather annoying quest that has you solving unnecessary puzzles, the atmosphere, dialogue, and all around feel of Far Harbor is excellent. However, it has a pretty daunting flaw when it comes to Sony’s PS4. Some users, but not all, seem to report incredible frame-rate dips.

via Bethesda

This comes when entering, what the locals call, the fog. The fog is basically clouds of radiation that absolutely cover the island you travel North to. The frame dips wouldn’t be a huge issue if the fog only covered small parts, but alas, that’s not the case. Some gamers can’t continue playing the DLC because entering the fog causes frames to dip down to around the 10-15 mark, which is highly unusual when it comes to Bethesda games on console.

Bethesda typically optimizes their games very well, which is true for the base game of Fallout 4. It definitely runs the best out of any Bethesda title Sony has ever seen. But this particular expansion is quickly ruining that accolade. It’s a shame too, because Far Harbor is the biggest piece of DLC Bethesda has ever crafted, which is actually saying a lot.

via Bethesda

Hopefully, Bethesda is sure to fix this soon. Far Harbor runs the user $25 without the season pass, which is a lot of money for DLC. Perhaps they’ll find a work around for the fog, possibly lowering the actual fog effect. Either way, expect an update soon.