Some Fallout 4 DLCs Are Rater Higher Than Fallout 76 Is

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By now we all know that Fallout 76 isn’t exactly impressing fans of the long-standing Fallout franchise, but it might be worse than we thought…

Credit: Bethesda

The newly-released online multiplayer from Bethesda is set to be the lowest-rated Fallout game ever released, standing at a score of just 50% on Metacritic at the time of writing. Of the reviews on there, exactly zero of them rate the game as “Positive.”

In fact, there’s actually DLCs for Fallout 4 that currently have higher review numbers than 76 does. Right now, 76 has just a 2.7 User Score for PlayStation 4, 2.4 for Xbox One, and 2.4 for PC [via SegmentNext].

The game has been criticised for being “barren” and “empty” – it’s entirely void of NPCs, which means you could have a lonely gaming session if you’re particularly unlucky.

Credit: Bethesda

One of the biggest issues that’s turning players off right now is the amount of bugs. To be fair, it’s pretty common for a fully online game to have a lot of bugs and tech issues, but lots of people are finding Fallout 76 to be next to unplayable.

One particularly irate Twitter user called for a statement from Bethesda itself, saying: “At this point @bethesda needs to issue a statement on #fallout 76.

Credit: Bethesda

“If you’re enjoying the game. Good for you. For the rest of us this is a broken, nearly unplayable mess. This idea of its broken but we’ll fix it later isn’t acceptable. This is ultimately an insult to consumers.”

What are your opinions on Fallout 76?

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