Extremely Rare Animation From Super Mario Bros 3 Surfaces Online

Here’s a quick way to kill a few minutes. I’m sure most of you have played Super Mario Bros. 3. I mean really, it’s almost a sin not to. It comes as no surprise that players have discovered pretty much everything there is to find in this game, but this is one of those lesser known things.

via Nintendo

As it turns out, you can’t slide while wearing the Hammer Bros suit. It just makes you tuck into your suit and well.. that’s it. The only way to ever see the slide animation in the suit is to obtain the suit while already sliding. Mario will then go into an animation specifically designed for the off chance that the above variables were met.

Source: Nintendo

Why do you care? Well I’m sure there’s a niche crowd that does. People like seeing everything they can about one of their favorite games, so we figured we’d bring you this little known fact, courtesy of Super Mario Broth on Tumblr.