Evolve PS4 alpha delayed

Following the PS4’s update 2.0 PSN went down due to network errors. And now evolves big alpha has finaly arrived and it too has been disrupted by network issues. The alpha is available for anyone who pre ordered the game and the official Evolve website assured fans that the alpha will be up and working soon. Turtle Rock had this to say¬†“Following the recent PS4 2.00 firmware update, we are experiencing difficulties with the Evolve Big Alpha on PlayStation 4,” a 2K representative told GameSpot. “As a result, the test on PlayStation 4 is postponed. PlayStation and 2K are working together on a resolution. Evolve’s closed alpha test is still playable on Xbox One and PC.”

Evolve is released on Februrary 10th 2015 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.