EA Has Announced The Official Start Date For Anthem’s Closed Alpha

Anthem is the upcoming new IP from BioWare, and since it first got revealed it’s gotten fans really hyped for its release – which isn’t actually that far away now. Hooray! The online multiplayer action role-playing game published by EA is about to start it’s closed alpha testing period. According to EA [via Eurogamer], Anthem‘s closed … Read more

Evolve Alpha is up on PS4

Evolve’s big alpha is now available for PS4 owners.  2K has also revealed that they are extending the alpha on all consoles so instead of the alpha ending on Sunday it now ends on November 4 at 12 noon PT (3 PM ET, 8 PM GMT and Wednesday, November 5 at 7 AM AEDT.) 2K have … Read more

Evolve PS4 alpha delayed

Following the PS4’s update 2.0 PSN went down due to network errors. And now evolves big alpha has finaly arrived and it too has been disrupted by network issues. The alpha is available for anyone who pre ordered the game and the official Evolve website assured fans that the alpha will be up and working … Read more

Bloodborne Alpha Starts Tomorrow

Sony has already sent out invites to select PlayStation 4 owners for closed alpha Bloodborne session. Those lucky enough to get invited will get a first hand look of Bloodborne and enjoy the gameplay freely within their homes. The closed alpha will be short, in fact only three days of the week will have the … Read more