Everything Sony showed at E3 2017

Sony hosted their press conference at E3 2017 yesterday and it was a decent one. They didn’t announce a lot of new stuff but they managed to maintain the flow.

Here are the announcements made by Sony about their games which will release in an year or so:

Uncharted: Lost Legacy

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The next Uncharted game starring Claudia Black was one of attractions of the Sony press conference. The game is full of action and is scheduled to release on August 22.

New expansion for Horizon: Zero Dawn

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A new expansion called The Frozen Wilds in on the cards for Horizon: Zero Dawn. The expansion is expected to release later this year.

Days Gone

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Days Gone has been in development since 2015 and Sony Bend is working on it. The post apocalyptic game will be Sony Bend’s first intellectual property since Syphon Filter in 1999.

The game is full of zombies and has more stabbing and strangling. The game is expected to release on 29 December this year.

Monster Hunter is on its way to Consoles And PC.

Monster Hunter is coming to PS4 and Xbox One in early 2018. The game will also release in PC after some time.

Shadow Of The Colossus being remade For PS4

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The game will completely be remade by Bluepoint and will not be a simple remaster. We have a lot of expectation from this game as we already that the game is a good one.

Call of Duty: World War II Multiplayer

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The game will release on November 3 and there is a lot of hype over it. The definitely have some similarities with Battlefield 1.

A lot of PSVR Games were on show

Here is the list: Skyrim, Star Child (colorful game), Bravo Team (military shooter), The Inpatient (psychological thriller), Monster of the Deep (Final Fantasy XV fishing game), Moss (fantasy game).

We get to know more about the new God Of War

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We are pretty much excited about this game. Kratos can be seen ripping things apart in the trailer. The game is expected to be released in early 2018.


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Detroit: Become Human, the upcoming neo-noir thriller game developed by Quantic Dream looked awesome. You will play the game as an Android where you fight an uprising in a megacity.

The game is expected to release towards the end of this year.


Spider-Man is the showstopper for Sony this year. The game developed by Insomniac got a lot of influence from the Arkham games.

The game looks stunning and full of action. The game is a mix of stealth, environmental takedowns and straight fight. We are all excited about the game which is scheduled to release in 2018.