The Elder Scrolls 6 is not in development, Bethesda explains why

A lot of fans were looking forward to Bethesda announcing The Elder Scrolls VI during its E3 press conference this year.

After all, Bethesda’s been announcing a major game in its E3 conferences for a while now. However, fans were left disappointed when it only announced a Nintendo Switch version of Skyrim during its own press con and a Skyrim VR edition during Sony’s.

There’s still more bad news coming up as Pete Hines, the Vice President of Bethesda, has confirmed the game isn’t even in active development right now.

Bethesda is planning to release at least two major titles before they move onto the next Elder Scrolls game.

They have at least two major titles they are working on before we’re going to get to Elder Scrolls 6

This means it’ll be quite a while before we get any information regarding the next full Elder Scrolls game, leave along getting to play it. Bummer.

Check out the full interview below –

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