Everything New In Halo Infinite This Week – February 9th 2022

This week in Halo Infinite, BTB is finally playable and there’s a new log-in reward for Black History Month.

As Halo fans anticipate the long-awaited roadmap, Infinite is still receiving minor updates in the form of new cosmetics.

For Black History Month, 343 Industries have added the Pan-Africa emblem and nameplate. These will be given to all players who log in during February. An in-game message reads “We stand in solidarity with our colleagues and community in celebration of Black History Month and remain committed to creating a positive and inclusive space to fight against systemic racism.”

Everything New In Halo Infinite – Shop Update and BTB Fix

In addition, the weekly shop update has added a few new items. These include the Perfect Circle armour effect, Estate Gold coating and the Longhorn warthog cosmetic. Some players are still unhappy about pricing though, as well as the amount of items available each week. Hopefully 343 continues taking feedback on board. Thus the download size of Halo Infinite has slightly changed.

Credit: 343 Industries

And finally, Big Team Battle has received a fix that actually works. For a long time the mode was having major matchmaking issues, but now it seems to be back to normal. It was broken for a worrying amount of time, but hopefully that’ll be the last time it happens.

We’re still waiting for any kind of roadmap to detail the future of Halo Infinite. We know Forge mode and co-op campaign are coming eventually, but right now we have no idea when. We don’t even know when Season 2 will begin. 343 have said they are working on the roadmap and they want to make sure they have a solid plan in place, so here’s hoping.

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[Featured Image Credit: 343 Industries]