Ether One Coming To PS4 – Battle Mental Illness

Ether One, the debut game from White Paper Games, will be releasing on the PlayStation 4.

White Paper Games’s Ether One won’t be a port from the PC. Instead, the developers are building the game up once again using Unreal Engine 4. For those who have never played Ether One, the game is an exploration title with optional puzzle solving.

Players will take the role of a Restorer who has the ability to enter minds of those with mental illness. Solving puzzles, players can help put together past memories and thus learning about the patients life.

Our aim with Ether One is to tell a story about how fragile the human mind can be and what it would mean for someone close to you to not even be able to recognize you anymore. A lot of our family members have struggled with the illness of dementia and we felt it was something close to our hearts which we had to explore in our game. A lot of you reading may have experienced the effects of dementia first hand, if you have, we hope a game like Ether One will help you relate to your own experiences.

Your role in Ether One is that of a Restorer, an individual with the ability to project himself into the mind of someone suffering from mental illness in the hopes of restoring their memories. Once inside the mind, you will have to find the broken fragments of your patient’s memories in order to heal and restore them. By piecing together these fragments, you’ll start to understand more about your patient’s life, where they grew up and what your place is in all of this.