Economist Predicts Pro Gaming Will Be Legit Job For Lots of People in the Future

Don’t give up on your eSports dreams just yet- the future is bright for pro gaming. Edward Castronova, a specialist in the economics of online gaming from Indiana University, says that the future of our economy lies in online gaming.

Credit: Polygon

With the upcoming (and nearly inevitable) automation of all factory processes, more and more people are going to be without physical jobs. Because of this shortage, people are going to move online for jobs- tech support, online services, and eSports industries are expected to boom as robots take the jobs of factory workers. This will start a chain of events that end in eSports becoming HUGE, maybe even bigger than physical sports have ever been. Hell, extreme sports sponsors like Redbull and Monster are already taking interest in eSports. The eSports circuits are about to explode in popularity.

Credit: Riot Games

It will go like this: first, more people will spend more time online because their jobs have been automated. Because more people are online, more people will start to game. As more people game, more people will become interested in watching others play their favorite games at a ridiculously high level. Then, more leagues will be able to form- ad revenue and tickets to eSports events will drive eSports to the forefront of the entertainment world. And guess what? Because there’s more interest in watching eSports, more gamers are going to be paid to play so the demand for high level gaming can be met 24/7. It may take a few years, but pro gaming will be a legitimate job for tons of gamers.

Credit: Riot Games