EA’s terrible single-player tweet led to meetings with angry staff

After an awful tweet by the EA account, staff were so angry they had to hold roundtable meetings to discuss the situation.

It was only last week that EA saw fit to tweet one of the worst gaming takes of the year. They jumped on the “they’re a 10, but” meme bandwagon, attempting to put their own spin on the already-outdated joke. But in classic EA style, they totally missed the mark and made a total fool of themselves.

The tweet in question said “They’re a 10 but they only like playing single-player games.” This prompted replies like “how are your tweets worse than your games?”, and the gaming community pretty much unanimously blasted them for their horrible take.

But apparently, the tweet wasn’t even made by someone working at EA. And it led to roundtable meetings with pissed off staff who weren’t in on the “joke”.

EA’s Bad Take

People at EA started to formulate a plan to turn the tweet into a positive for the company. Initially, they planned to use other EA accounts to roast the tweet while bringing attention to the company’s single player titles. But some staff pointed out that this would just reinforce the negativity associated with the company and their history with single player games.

One source said ““The most agreed-on idea was to take responsibility for it and apologize”. The company did end up doing that, saying “we’ll take this L cause people playing single player games makes them an 11.”

Credit: BioWare

And it was later revealed that the person who tweeted this meme wasn’t even from EA. Apparently someone who doesn’t work at the company runs the social media account. That’s pretty bizarre, and especially confusing when you consider how big the company in question is, but this is EA we’re talking about, so…

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