E3 2012: Dead Space 3 Confirms

Electronic Arts has   confirmed to IGN that Dead Space 3  is indeed real and in development and will be will be unveiled during E3 next week. EA promising to unveilling  some footage during their press conference.

EA will debut the Dead Space 3 footage at its own conference, Monday, June 4th at 1:00 p.m. PDT.

“We’re excited to unveil Dead Space 3 to the world at the EA press conference next week,”


Aside rumors  that caught people’s attention, the game is possibility to have   a co-op feature. Electronic Arts released  recently

First Dead Space 3 Images  which introduced a new character by the name of John Carver, who is  possible be a co-op partner. you can see the screenshots below


Again stay tune and alerts!  Dead Space 3 will  be will be unveiled during E3 next week.