Dragon Age Inquisiton: Get Ready to Lead Armies Into War

Role playing gamers hungrily awaiting the completion of Dragon Age: Inquisition now have a sizable bone to chew on after a recent preview by Bioware.

The gaming giants have been kind enough to whet our appetites ahead of the Autumn release on both old and new platforms.

As well as some interesting game mechanics, the developers have released a snippet of the new plot within the familiar world of Thedas.

Players take up the job of the Inquisitor to lead the forces of the Inquisition to glory or destruction.

And we join our hero as he or she meets top-ranking agents from the Circle of Mages and Chantry for peace talks after the bloody carnage of Dragon Age 2 to try to end the – well, the bloody carnage.

Unfortunately for these well meaning emissaries, a portal to the demon world (or Fade) opens up in the sky and kills everybody apart from our hero who survives the blast with only a small scar.

While it may be terrible at detecting whether Voldemort is nearby – the scar does allow players to enter the many breaches to the fade within Thedas.

Dragon Age Inquisition

This affects how the player ascends to becoming the head of the Inquisition, but the scar also acts as a bullseye to those that consider him or her a threat.

Sprinkling a layer of intrigue over the game – this seemingly gives choices and the plot within it a deeper meaning, forcing the player to question who they can trust.

Bioware is known for giving players enormous freedom with how they interact and customise their protagonists or party members.

But this fresh new bundle of role playing joy will go one step further, giving the player hundreds of inquisitor agents to command on a strategic conquest of Thedas that is sure to be a memorable gaming adventure.

New details about the game come from the latest issue of Gameinformer through Gameranx.

Dragon Age: Inquisition launches on October 7 2014 for the Xbox One, PS4, PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 and is absolutely one to add to the wish lists.