The Division Classless, Factions, Gadgets & More Details

Ubisoft released a new video on their blog where Ryan Barnard, game director for The Division, released new details of the upcoming Tom Clancy video game. Details go over a new faction present within the game, gadgets and an overall classless system.

During the video we learn of a new faction present within the game. This faction is known as the Cleaners. Cleaners are looking to rid the disease that’s taking so many lives from the city but the way they go about doing so isn’t necessarily the most justified way. These Cleaners come packing with flamethrowers where they will burn up those who are infected or believe to be infected.

A new gadget we learn about is ‘echoes.’ The echoes gadget will give players a better idea of what happened in a given area, before they arrived. Basically this is an investigation tool which may help you our greatly during your journey.

Furthermore, The Division will have a classless system. This system doesn’t toss players into the game where they are forced to choose a particular class for their character. Instead, the game will shape up to your abilities thus wrapping a perfect class just for you.

The Division is set to release sometime next year for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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