DICE isn’t making any non-Battlefield games, says “no time for anything else”

DICE has no plans to make any non-Battlefield games at the moment, revealing that it’s all in on the shooter franchise.

The company is known for the Battlefield series, which received a new entry last year with Battlefield 2042. However, it has also made other projects including Star Wars Battlefront and Star Wars Battlefront 2. It also made cult classic Mirror’s Edge and a Medal of Honor game.

But the developer says it has no plans for anything other than Battlefield right now. DICE’s vice president Rebecka Coutaz spoke to GameIndustry.biz about the studio’s plans, saying that other projects are on the backburner.


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DICE Statement

“We are only focusing on Battlefield 2042” said Coutaz. “There is no time for anything else and this is what we want to do. In three years, we want to be the first-person shooter powerhouse that DICE deserves to be, and that is what we’re going for.

“I want the team to be really proud about Battlefield 2042. That is what they are chasing and they have their heart and the passion there. We want to be really, really proud of DICE. We want DICE to be the number one spot for first-person shooter games in Europe, and one of the powerhouses in the world.”


This comes after Battlefield 2042 failed to meet player’s expectations at launch. The game was riddled with issues, including a lack of core features, bugs and hit registration issues. Many fans were disappointed, and thousands signed a petition demanding a refund for the game after launch.

Despite rumours that Battlefield 2042 is now being worked on by a skeleton crew, it seems DICE wants to refocus on the game. Season 1 recently launched, bringing with it new maps and other content. Whether it’s enough to salvage the title is up to you.

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