Blizzard Job Listing Might Have Leaked Diablo 4

Blizzard Entertainment’s career page might have just tipped us that Diablo 4 might be in the making. The career page of the StarCraft developers is in search of people for a brand new 3D game which is set in the Diablo universe. The game is already in development and early signs of it being a brand new AAA title is being seen. Well, who knows it can be Diablo 4.


With Diablo 3 still doing well, Blizzard will not consider bringing in the new installment so soon. Even if it’s really Diablo 4, we will certainly have to wait for another couple of years before getting our hands on it.


Diablo 3, the most successful Diablo game, has already sold over 30 million copies. The game is available on  PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC (Windows and Mac) platforms.