Destiny 2 ‘The Witch Queen’ Expansion Will Vault Forsaken Content

The Destiny 2 expansion, The Witch Queen, will vault Forsaken content even if you paid for it, as Bungie tackle save file size.

Destiny 2 has been in a constant rotation of content. As Bungie moved into Destiny 2 and got a few years under its belt, the amount of content became too much for one singular game. This led to ‘Vaulting’ a process where Bungie would remove an element of the game. Vaulted content always had the potential to return, as we’ve seen with certain strikes or raids.

However, Destiny 2 fans had a bit of a shock last night. Bungie announced that it’s upcoming expansion ‘The Witch Queen‘ would vault Forsaken content. Not only is it one of the largest expansion of the game, but it also features the death of fan-favourite character, Cayde-6.

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Forsaken Enter The Vault

There is a lot of story in Destiny. The Witch Queen expansion in particular is exciting just for introducing Hive Guardians. However, the removal of Forsaken likely won’t sit right with many fans as it genuinely is one of the best campaigns. Cayde-6’s death in particular is a real blend of tear-jerking awesomeness.

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However, the Vaulting process can also leave Destiny feeling rather bare at times. Players joining the game for the first time won’t be able to work their way through each campaign. Instead, they will learn of past events through NPC characters, and the occasional bit of lore. And it’s not just campaigns however, as the Forsaken vault will also remove the Tangled Shore destination. That’s an entire area of Destiny 2.

It can be especially annoying to fans who paid for the Forsaken DLC. However, Bungie is giving players the opportunity to try it out before it leaves. The Forsaken DLC will be free-to-play from December 7th, giving players two months to work through its content before The Witch Queen launches.

As disappointing as it may be, I do get Bungie’s reasoning. Players are often complaining about the file size of games like Warzone, and Bungie is actively trying to tackle that. The Witch Queen is set to be Destiny 2’s biggest expansion yet, and will launch on February 22nd.

Will you be sad to see Forsaken content head to the vault? Let us know over on our social channels!

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