Dell Black Friday Deal Offers PS4 Bundle For $400

Black Friday is a major holiday for many of us. After splurging on a nice home cooked meal with family and watching the football game, a lot of us go out and hit the retails shops early that next day. This holiday is for shopping fanatics who either want to get a head start for the upcoming holidays or simply wishes to make a few good deals for themselves. Dell may have been the first one to have their Black Friday ad deals leaked. Turns out you can score yourself a nice PlayStation 4 bundle for just $400.


The ad scan is leaked so we have to take this as just a rumor until Dell officially announces their Black Friday deals. According to the ad, Dell is offering the PlayStation 4 for the original $400 price tag but also included is a copy of Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V along with Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us: Remastered. Users can pick up this bundle simply online on November 27th at 6pm EST. There is supposedly a limited stock so its first come first serve.

This being the first Black Friday ad we’re seeing, we’re sure there will be plenty of other bundles being released and available both online and in-store. We will keep you updated on the very latest but we want to know, are you going to try and grab up the Dell bundle?