Dead Rising 4 Screenshots Leaked, Features Christmas Setting

The E3 buzz has started as there has been reports that screenshots of Capcom’s unconfirmed Dead Rising 4 has been leaked ahead of its intended reveal.


A lot of rumors have emerged in the last few weeks that the fourth installment of the Dead Rising franchise would be announced at E3 2016. Now it seems that the rumors are turning out to be true with the leaked screenshots coming out online from a neogaf forum post.


The game’s new protagonist can be seen fighting a group of zombies in the screenshots. It’s nice to see him getting his kills by beating down zombies with a baseball bat and cutting them into pieces using a chainsaw.


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The screenshots also show off the protagonist’s exo-skeleton suit. A gif showing him lifting a zombie and tearing it up into two halves can be seen above.

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Another gif showing the protagonist using a lighting axe has leaked. This could mean that item crafting elements could play an important role in Dead Rising 4 like the previous versions. It can be seen that the zombies around the protagonist are trapped in the shockwaves sent from the axe.


An image also shows the protagonist driving a police car into an army of zombies with a ‘Welcome to Willamette’ sign behind the him. If the images are somewhat real, it could mean that the protagonist is a police officer. The sign ‘Welcome to Willamette’ also suggests that the Dead Rising 4 is set on the same location as the original Dead Rising.


According to the earlier rumors, Dead Rising 4 is a remake of the original Dead Rising game which will have a 4 player co-op gameplay. It will also interesting to see if the game will come to PC or not as the previous game Dead Rising 3 was an Xbox One exclusive.

With only a couple of hour for E3 to start, we’ll have the answers to our questions soon.