CS:GO Gets 14,000 Negative Reviews In Just One Day After Huge Update

Counter Strike: Global Offensive recently got itself a huge update, including its first battle royale mode, but fans aren’t too pleased with the changes.

Known as Danger Zone, the huge update for the classic 1991 Counter Strike franchise, has left a lot to be desired, and it’s led to an unprecedented amount of negative reviews being left on Steam.

Credit: Valve

Over 14,000 negative reviews have been posted onto the game page just one day after the release, but they’re not all down to the addition of the battle royale mode…

Nope, seems most CS:GO fans are p*ssed off that the game has gone free to play. The announcement was a bit of a surprise one, but it means that fans and player who forked out for the title have been left out of pocket. Always the problem when a game goes free to play…

Credit: Valve

The decision has led to some serious review-bombing of the game, and Twitter is also getting in on the action.

Avid players of the game have branded the free to play mechanic as “game destroying,” as well as making it a haven for hacking.

People who paid for CS:GO haven’t been completely neglected by Valve though…

In the FAQ for the game you can see that there are some benefits for those who purchased the game before it went free to play. Goodies such as Prime-exclusive weapons, drops, and even a Loyalty Badge can be rewarded for Prime members, but no, you won’t get your money back.

Credit: Valve

Check out a screenshot below.

What do you think of the controversial decision?