One of Twitch’s Top Streamers Says ‘I Think We Should Bring Back Bullying’

There’s not many video platforms out there that are as controversial as Twitch. From streamers using racial slurs to showing off a little too much skin, hardly a day goes by without something weird, inappropriate or just downright sad happening on someone’s channel.

Credit: Twitch

This time it’s Twitch streamer Sodapoppin, who recently explained to his viewers just why he thinks bullying is a good thing…

Speaking to his fans, Soda said: “Honestly, I think they need to bring bullying back…I think bullying is a good thing in a lot of ways.”

Check out a snippet of the┬ástream above and let us know what you think – has Sodapoppin finally gone too far?

The controversial comments upset a lot of viewers, but it’s not the first time Sodapoppin has been seen to step out of line.

Earlier this year he received a 24 hour ban from Twitch for opening an image that contained graphic material on his stream.

He also recently compared Twitch to a “mental hospital,” stating: “You’ve got moderators that are glorified internet janitors.

Credit: Sodapoppin

“You’ve got clip chimps that are trying to farm a resource that actually doesn’t mean anything, but to give them validation. You’ve got some people that just watch the streams and relax, are normal – some. […]

“You’ve got people trying to white knight, in hopes that they’ll get laid by their favorite streamer. When in reality they’re already married. Again, Twitch is a giant glorified mental hospital. It’s just f*cked in so many ways.” [via Dexerto].

Sodapoppin, real name Chance Morris, has one of the largest followings on Twitch. His channel boasts over 2 million subscribers with over 200 million views (as of last month).

Credit: Sodapoppin

He’s also no stranger to YouTube, where he’s racked up more than 300 million views on his videos.

Are you a fan of Sodapoppin, or has he gone too far this time?