Confirmed: Project Morpheus Requires PlayStation 4

Sony Worldwide Studios president, Shuhei Yoshida, revealed that the upcoming Sony virtual reality headset known as Project Morpheus will require the PlayStation 4. However, Project Morpheus could lead into new ventures outside the PS4 consoles.

Revealed during an interview with  Game One, Yoshida spoke of the Project Morpheus virtual reality headset and the need of a PlayStation 4 to use the device.

We started to focus on making games for Project Morpheus because it requires PS4 to use it. But in future, Project Morpheus can expand into lots of different types of experiences.

Sony isn’t holding back with the headset as they recently worked with NASA in a demo for Project Morpheus based around Mars.

We had a demo with Mars and we worked with NASA for satellite observations of the planet Mars that we created in Project Morpheus so you can walk on Mars

We are so excited about working on Project Morpheus because these takes you sitting down and watching a game on screen to you going into the game. It’s a huge change and you don’t even have to play games anymore. You can just go to the places that we could never go before.