COD: WW2 Zombies Backstory will be Based on a Real Event

If you’ve been wondering how the upcoming Call of Duty game was going to handle the Zombies mode, we’ve got some more information on that. Sledgehammer is making a huge effort to portray the war in a realistic way that doesn’t glorify things, and doesn’t go ridiculously over the top like some recent CoD games have done. They want to be respectful, but at the same time, things are obviously going to get a little cartoonish when you’re dealing with Zombies, especially zombies of the Nazi variety… because this is still a video game, after all.

Sledgehammer has revealed that the Zombies mode in Call of Duty: World War 2 is, in fact, going to be Nazi Zombies again… and also, that it’s going to be based on “real events”. They haven’t specified exactly which real events yet, but it seems like the back story to Zombies will be based on something that happened in WW2, perhaps a Nazi science experiment gone wrong?

The founders of Sledgehammer games were previously at Visceral Games under EA, and were at the helm of the Dead Space series, so we’re imagining a Nazi Zombies mode that’s heavily inspired by Dead Space based on comments from Sledgehammer, they said the upcoming Zombies mode is “unique to our Dead Space signature” and that it’s got a “back story that’s based on real events.”