Capcom Lists Their Most Popular Franchises

Capcom has listed their top six most popular and powerful franchises. The company came up with a document to show off their strategies and projections. From the document, it would seem the franchises selected were from a means of how many units were sold.

The list from Capcom are as follows.

  1. Resident Evil – 61 million units
  2. Street Fighter – 35 million units
  3. Monster Hunter – 28 million units
  4. Devil May Cry – 13 million units
  5. Dead Rising – 7.5 million units
  6. Lost Planet – 5.6 million units

The document can be read in full here. Another point worth mentioning is that Capcom is looking to try new things. Instead of constantly bringing out another installment for an already established video game series, Capcom will attempt to strike gold with a completely new series yearly.