Capcom Comments on Gamespy Server Shutdown

Capcom has recently posted a detail notice of what games will be affected from the Gamespy server shutdown. Because Gamespy will be shutting down their servers, several video games will lose their online multiplayer function. However, Capcom has took some initiative in making sure some of their video games won’t get tossed away because of the lack of server support. Check out which games will be saved and which will ultimately lose online functionality.

Capcom has plans on saving some video games that were previously hosted by Gamespy servers. Select titles have already been transferred over to a new server host meaning no interruptions will be present once Gamespy shuts down the servers. Though, Capcom wasn’t able to rescue every game.

Lost Planet 3 (PC/PS3): Migration to a new service has already begun, so we’re not anticipating any online downtime. However, due to switching servers the leaderboards and current play stats will be reset. We’ll have more information about the reset soon, so please check back. (Note the X360 version is unaffected.)

Age of Booty (All versions): Unfortunately there are no plans to update or migrate this title to a new service. It’s been a great ride (2008/09-2014) and we thank everyone who sailed these seas. You can still play this title offline or grab friends for some LAN action, however.

Flock! (All Versions): Same as Age of Booty; there are no plans to migrate this title. You can still download and play the game, but be aware online features – such as the level editor sharing function – will no longer be active.

Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition: Already migrated and there are no issues.

Marvel vs Capcom Origins: Already migrated and there are no issues.

We sincerely appreciate the dedication these games have seen over the years and hope you continue to enjoy them after the shutdown.

Just to clarify, once the Gamespy severs shut down doesn’t mean singleplayer offline gameplay won’t be available. EA has recently took a hit because of the same problem and we have a list of over 50 video games being affected.