You can race, Duel and a lot more in Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online leaks keep on coming, starting with the properties and vehicles and now with activities and ways you can interact with other players in the online mode of the game.

These leaks have been picked up by RockstarINTEL who in turn found them from a user called Fireboyd78. Here is what he found:


As you can see these inputs directly reference Multiplayer which seems a strong indication that these will be to do with Multiplayer game modes and activities. Respawn, Inform Law, Duel, Parley, Feud and Leader Feud are also interesting elements to the leak. If you have played GTA V you will know that if you get killed by a player you will have a number of options. These are believed to be Red Dead Online’s version of that.

There are also some other leaks which come from RockstarINTEL themselves:

  • Mission
  • Deathmatch
  • Race
  • Survival
  • Capture
  • Last Team Standing
  • Parachuting

I cannot wait to duel some Arthur Morgan noobs in Red Dead online. What are you waiting for?

Here are also some cheats for Red Dead Redemption 2 if you need a little helping hand to get you through the story.

Infinite Ammo
Code: Abundance is the dullest desire
Task: Newspaper – Hanover Gazette No.27 during Chapter 1 in Valentine.

Simple Weapons
Code: A simple life, a beautiful death
Tasks: None

Heavy Weapons
Code: Greed is American Virtue
Tasks: Newspaper – after completing mission ‘Advertising, the New American Art’ during Chapter 3.

Stealth Weapons
Code: Death is silence
Tasks: None

Fog of War – Reveal the whole map
Code: You long for sight and see nothing
Tasks: Newspaper – after completing the mission ‘Blood Feuds, Ancient and Modern’ in Chapter 3.

Own All Outfits
Code: Vanity. All is vanity
Tasks: Unknown

High Honor
Code: Virtue Unearned is not virtue
Tasks: Newspaper – Purchase after completing Chapter 5

Reset Honor
Code: Balance. All is balance
Tasks: None

Infinite Stamina
Code: The lucky be strong evermore
Tasks: Newspaper – Purchase after completing Chapter 5

Set Dead Eye Level (5)
Code: I seek and I find
Tasks: None

Set Health, Stamina, and Dead Eye Bars to Full
Code: You flourish before you die
Tasks: None

Fortify Health, Stamina and Dead Eye Bars
Code: You Seek More Than The World Offers
Tasks: Newspaper – after completing the mission ‘The King’s Son’ in Chapter 6.

Increase Horse Whistle Range
Code: Better than my dog
Tasks: none

Instantly Drunk
Code: A fool on command
Tasks: None

Create War Horse
Code: You are a beast built for war
Tasks: Newspaper – Purchase after completing the events of the Epilogue.

Create Wagon
Code: Keep your dreams simple
Tasks: None

Create Circus Wagon
Code: Would you be happier as a clown?
Tasks: Newspaper – Purchase after completing the events of the Epilogue.

Increase Wanted Level
Code: You want punishment
Tasks: None

Decrease Wanted Level
Code: You want freedom
Tasks: None

Create superior horse
Code: You want more than you have
Tasks: None