Call of Duty: Ghosts exec reveals next-gen details

Executive Producer Mark Rubin of developers Infinity Ward has made known many a details about what fans can expect from the new engine in the transition pipeline and the effects brought about by it.

Speaking in an interview, he said, “We want to be as understanding to the fans that they’re the ones who have to struggle and go through the [next-gen] transition. As developers we have to make that as easy for them as possible.”

The transition is rather smooth as current gen Call of Duty: Ghosts players can seamlessly shift to the next-gen consoles and take their profile with them.

Speaking on the new engine that is being used, Rubin said, “The new engine is across all platforms. It isn’t just next-gen, it’s for current-gen as well.”

Features of the new engine like character customization and a vastly improved audio system were built by Infinity Ward for next-gen but were later implemented in current gen also.

Also, as known by one and all, the next-gen version will be much prettier, with texture and polygon counts way higher.

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