Bum Simulator Might be the Weirdest Game of 2018

Yes you did read that title correctly there really is a game called ‘Bum simulator’ and it looks like it could be one of the strangest gaming experiences that you can have.

Made by a company called PlayWay and will soon be released onto Steam so you can enjoy being a bum right from your bedroom.

The trailer shows you living the day to day life of being a ‘bum’. This apparently includes throwing your homeless friends into the garbage and puking everywhere.

You can also beg people for money as they walk past you and your carefully crafted sign.

You can then use this money as well as any other money you make to build yourself a shelter for the night. Gargoyles and all!

Other features include you being able to use your pigeony friends to attack police officers for you. Probably meaning you can make a swift escape from the law. Still seems like a strange idea to me but I might just pick it up and give it a play on a particularly strange weekend.

Will you be playing Bum simulator?

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