Brock From Pokémon Finally Has A Girlfriend After 20 Years Of Being Painfully Alone

Remember Brock? The former Pewter City Gym Leader and as well as always unlucky in love. In fact, most of the time in the Pokémon anime, he was searching for that special someone.

Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny were having none of it – so it looked as though Brock was destined to be alone forever.

That is, until now. The latest development in the Pokemon Sun & Moon series is that Brock might finally have met the girl of his dreams. And, to be fair, he’s punching above his weight. Even for a cartoon.

In a recent episode of the show, Brock and Misty made the trip to the tropical Alola region to pay Ash a visit. It was here that Brock met Olivia, a fellow rock type trainer.

And, as you’ve probably gathered, they’re very much into each other.

What a way to brighten up a Tuesday.

Featured image credit: Pokémon