Blindfolded Gamer Completes ‘Super Mario Bros’ With Wizard Like Precision

This is incredible. It’s truly difficult to believe that someone can do something like this, but it’s true. The amount of memorization that must go into something so awesome like this is far beyond my scope of imagination.

Gamer, that goes by the name きらめきでどーだい, on YouTube is possibly the first and only to accomplish this unbelievable goal. He said it took him about 3 months to do it. Determination and the belief that he can accomplish it is what kept him going.

via きらめきでどーだい

Even if you’re not into speedruns, this is still a video every gamer needs to watch. The fact that EVERY SINGLE part of the map MUST be memorized in order to beat it blindfolded must be recognized. Every jump, every pipe, every enemy, every block. Watching his strategy of using Fire Mario to confirm where he is with the fireballs is the coolest thing.

It’s also important to note that he did the run flawlessly until right at the end where he got hit on purpose in order to damage boost through Bowser to hit the ax that drops him into the lava. It’s amazing to watch his reaction of beating the game without seeing it. He literally breaks down in joy, uttering the words “Peach! Peach! Peach!”.

via きらめきでどーだい
via きらめきでどーだい

Check out the video below and definitely like his video on YouTube. He deserves every bit of it. Also if you’re interested, check out this gamer beat The Division’s Falcon Lost Incursion, on hard, by himself. Also we covered this Fallout: New Vegas new speedrun world record.

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