Bethesda shares some bad news about Fallout 4 PS4 Mod support

PS4 owners have been left in the dark for months now regarding when mod support for Fallout 4 will finally launch. Originally meant to release way back in June, PS4 mods are now well on their way to being released next month, the month after – honestly, who really knows when. If you need a refresher of what the Mods and Creation Kit will entail, you can view the trailer below.

The mod support was likely delayed due to the whole 900mb limitation controversy, which upset the majority of the Fallout 4 PlayStation fan base. Now, almost a month after delaying the mod support, Bethesda has tweeted the following statement: 

We’re working w/ Sony on Fallout 4 Mod support for PS4. The process is still under evaluation. As soon as we learn more, we will share news.”


Clearly, issues remain unresolved between Sony and Bethesda Game Studios in regards to console mods, and with no release date or form of announcement in site, the PS4 community is becoming restless and impatient.



Here’s to hoping something’s said soon.